DC Forecast for Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Published on by Jason Fouchard

7/25/12 Forecast Graphic

Hopefully you were able to get outside and enjoy the seasonal temperatures!  The high at Washington National only climbed up to 89° today under virtually clear skies—quite the stark difference to the 90 and 100+ degree temperatures and rain (and more rain) we experienced the past few days and weeks.  And while 89° could still be a little hot for you, the humidity stayed low, making outdoor activities at the very least bearable.

I say that I hope you enjoyed today because, starting tomorrow, we shift back into the weather we have been experiencing: temperatures climbing into unseasonable highs, muggy humidity, and showers and storms.  In fact, the humidity is already starting tonight, with the relative humidity climbing to 56% at National in the past hour.  This is all ahead of another cold front that is currently to our north, and will be progressing south towards us over the next few days.

The circulation from the low pressure system associated with the front will bring the hot and humid air up from the Gulf tomorrow, leading to high temperatures in the upper 90s.  Don’t be surprised to see some locations hit 100º tomorrow, with the heat index easily climbing into the mid 100s thanks to the humidity.  The cold front should remain well to the north throughout the day, but an afternoon shower or thunderstorm cannot be ruled out, especially to our counties along the Maryland/Pennsylvania border.  The SPC has areas north of I-95 under a slight risk for severe weather for tomorrow, with the moderate risk resting north in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The front will start to progress through our area Friday afternoon.  Temperatures and humidity will remain high Friday ahead of the front, with thunderstorms entering the area in the early to mid-afternoon.  There is the possibility that some of these thunderstorms, especially isolated cells, could become severe with damaging winds and hail. You should pay attention to any alerts put out by the NWS throughout the day Friday to stay on top of the weather!

Beginning Saturday, the cold front will bring temperatures back down to around the normal temperatures we experienced today.  It appears that the front will stall directly to our south on Saturday, leading to the chance of showers throughout the area Saturday through Monday, widely scattered at times, and generally in the afternoon and evening hours.

The beginning of next week will bring the chance of more showers and thunderstorms—not going to be the best start to the week.  All the more reason today was the day to enjoy the outside!

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