DC Forecast for Mon, Aug 27, 2012


Published on by Jason Fouchard

Forecast Graphic for 8/27/12

Active weather day yesterday! A few tornado warnings were issued, including damage reported just north of Hagerstown in PA, and a confirmed waterspout near Cobb Island, MD.  Rainfall also set records yesterday thanks to the moist, tropical flow.  This led way to a record 3.36” of rain at BWI Airport as storms trained over central Maryland.  The Eastern shore received even heftier amounts of precipitation, with some estimates in the double-digits.

Today has been a stark contrast, with the sun remaining overhead and very warm temperatures into the upper-80s.  All of this ahead of a weak cold front which is moving towards our area.  What does that mean for our forecast this week?  Read on to find out!

The cold front is traveling eastward through the Ohio Valley into the Appalachians, and will reach the DC area overnight.  While most showers will probably not make it over the mountains, a few scattered showers cannot be ruled out.  These should occur in the early morning hours, with a few lingering showers possibility lasting through the morning in the southern counties as the front makes its way through.  Behind the front, skies should begin to clear through the afternoon.  Expect temperatures to be slightly cooler than today, around the mid-80s.

Behind the front, slightly cooler temperatures will settle in for Wednesday, along with clear skies.  Highs are expected to be in the mid-80s, with lows reaching into the mid-60s in some areas.  The sunny weather will continue through Friday, with temperatures rising back into the upper-80s, eventually leading to a hot mid-90s Friday!

The remains of Isaac finally reach our area this weekend, possibly late Saturday and into Sunday.  Expect rain and some thunderstorms with that system–the bulk of it hitting us Sunday (yep, another wet one!).  Temperatures will fall once again back into the mid-80s.

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