DC Forecast for Wed, Aug 1, 2012


Published on by Jason Fouchard

7day Graphic for 8/1/12

A few scattered showers and thunderstorms today, some strong, and mostly west of DC in Virginia.  A few lingering in Southern Maryland and Fairfax county in Virginia have fizzled out; we should not expect to see any more tonight.  Any additional will be extremely isolated, and further West.  Read on for the forecast for this weekend.

High pressure will push into the area tomorrow, and we will remain under mostly sunny skies.  Temperatures will be in the lower- to mid-90s.

The chance for showers and thunderstorms will return Friday afternoon, which will remain mostly scattered.  Temperatures will also rise higher into the mid-90s, with more moisture being brought up from the south leading to more humid conditions.  Saturday will return to the lower-90s, and will bring another chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon.

A cold front will move through the area late Sunday into Monday morning, and will bring slightly cooler temperatures into the upper-80s for the beginning of the week.  It will also bring showers and thunderstorms Sunday evening, some of which could turn severe—so make sure to stay safe and keep an eye on the weather.

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