DC Forecast for Tue, Sept 25, 2012


Published on by Jason Fouchard

Forecast Graphic for 9/25/12

It started out cool this morning, with temperatures in the upper-40s in some areas, and only warmed up into the mid-70s by this afternoon.  Now, a few scattered showers are making their way through Virginia eastward.  These are diminishing, and will continue to over the next few hours.  Most should die out before they cross the Potomac into Maryland, but a stray isolated shower cannot be ruled out.  The rest of the week isn’t looking to great either…  Read on to find out why.

The next five days can be described in two simple words: scattered showers.  That’s it, post done. Good evening!

Well, okay.  I won’t leave you there.  Tomorrow the chance for those showers continues as a cold front approaches the area.  The front, and the showers, should stay mainly to the north along the Maryland/Pennsylvania border.  Frederick County and areas around it will see the most rain.  Further south we could see a few isolated showers.  Temperatures should rise a little warmer than today—around 80°.

The cold front will begin to pass through the bulk of the DC area on Thursday, with scattered showers possible throughout the afternoon as it passes through.

Highs begin to drop back into the 70s starting Friday behind the front.  The front will stall over, or just south of the DC area Friday, and will remain there for the next few days.  This should provide most of the area with scattered showers Friday through Sunday.  Showers will not be constant, but every area has the same chance for rain until the front begins to progress again.

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