DC Forecast for Sun, May 5, 2013


Published on by Jason Fouchard

5day Forecast 5/5/13


It’s been cooler out today than the previous few, with high temperatures falling from around 70° yesterday to only 63° today—10° lower than the normal high!  The sun was prominent, however, with few clouds in the sky, allowing for a rather cool, yet still nice day.  A low pressure system which has been stalled in the Southeast for days will finally make its way towards us starting tomorrow.  That system has dropped 4″+ of rain on parts of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Southern Virginia.  What will that mean for our weather this week?  Read on past the break!

Clouds will begin to build up ahead of the low pressure system tonight, leading to an overcast start to the week tomorrow.  The warmer, moist air being brought from the south by the system will lead to some scattered precipitation too, although that should remain South and West in Virginia on Monday.

As the low progresses further Northeast on Tuesday, rain showers will reach the entire DC area, especially by the late afternoon hours.

Most of the rain will fall on Wednesday when the system is directly over us.  Thunderstorms are not expected to be widespread during this time, but an isolated storm cannot be ruled out.

Skies will clear on Thursday and Friday as the system moves offshore.  Temperatures will continue to rise throughout the week, reaching around 80° on Friday under mostly sunny skies.

The next chance of rain will come in the afternoon on Saturday as a cold front enters the DC Metro from the west.

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