DC Forecast for Wed, June 19, 2013


Published on by Jason Fouchard

5day Forecast 6/19/13


After a cloudy and gloomy start to the day across the DC area, the sun has come out this afternoon as temperatures still hover in the mid-70s.  The “official” start of summer is coming on Friday, but will our forecast match that?  Read on after the break to find out!

Look for temperatures to continue to rise into the weekend, staying in the lower- to mid-80s until Saturday.

Skies should remain clear for the rest of the week thanks to high pressure which has begun to settle over our area.  It will be perfect weather throughout the week for those who want to take a dive into the pool.

Temperatures will reach the 90s in some locations by Sunday, an will continue to rise into the lower 90s trough early next week–a bit above the normal of 86°.

Our next chance of any precipitation may come on Monday night into Tuesday morning.  An upper-level system is looking to pass over our area, which could bring some showers and isolated thunderstorms late Monday.  This shouldn’t have an effect on our temperature increase, however.

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